1ronDragons Keep is NOT a business site or a family site. This site is my personal site and has no commercial affiliation or responsibility. What you see is what you get. If you shouldn't be viewing any specific content that is displayed on my website, you shouldn't have to be told.. but to be certain "GO AWAY!" Thank you.

Pepe's Website Design Terms of Service:
Pepe's Website Design is not a full time business. Any work done by Pepe` will be delivered with as much speed and accuracy as possible, but this is a side business and other commitments may outrank business needs. While it's not likely it is a possibility. Thank you.

Correcting & Updating Your Information:
If clients need to update or change website information, update billing information, discontinue services please do so by emailing pepe@1rondragon.com with the appropriate and relevant information or call 509.944.0932. I will respond to your contact request no later than thirty (30) days from the date of your request.

Additional Information:
Questions regarding this Statement or the practices of this Site should be addressed by emailing pepe@1rondragon.com
Please keep in mind.. I may or may not respond, depending on the nature of the request, my mood on any given day or even "which way the wind blows".


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